Life Insurance

Are you truly fully protected? Your family?

In its simplest form life insurance protects you and your family, and the next question that popped into your head is “he said you?”. That’s right, many clients come to us unknowing of the additional benefits that life carriers offer “Living Benefits”, making it no longer just Life Insurance but Living Insurance! Life insurance traditionally thought of is “my family only gets paid when I die”, nowadays with living benefits you don’t have to be terminally ill to get the help you and your family needs now! Check out this video A Larger Purpose to see how living benefits help! Give us call to find out more! Click here to ask for a Quote Request now!

Business Insurance

Do you own a Business?

Making sure to protect the business that you worked hard to build is something we here at Regency want to help you with. Since each company is unique ensuring that the owner, employees’, and business are safe with sufficient liability insurance and workers compensation is a good starting point, and something that should be done annually. Regency Insurance has worked with local business to support their growing business with workers compensation, liability, and group insurance at the BEST price possible. Give us a call today!

Home & Auto

Home and Auto insurance is necessary to protect not just your belongings, but also your wellbeing. While no amount of money can replace what you lost in an accident or home loss, insurance is there to at least make the recovery process a little easier. We will work within your budget to insure you’re covered for unexpected happenings or accidents. The best way to ensure that you are covered for any foreseeable changes and unpredictably events in life is to call us and to check on your current auto and home policies to keep you and your family protected.Click here to ask for a Quote Request now!

Health Insurance and Share Plans

In America we have options, that’s what it truly means to live in the “home of the free.” Sometimes like in the world of insurance, one has too many options, which leads to too many questions, that’s why we’re here at Regency Insurance. We are partnered with a variety of carriers to provide options to you on different levels of health plans, as well as others like share plans to help reduce excess cost for health care. We take the time to understand each of our clients wants and needs to best recommend an option for health coverage. You can get a health insurance quote NOW or allow us to go over the different coverage options. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today to review you coverage and ensure that it is the best match for you and your family!